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This APP was edited by the studends of 5^ACG - Tourist Hospitality
I.I.S. Chino Chini - Borgo San Lorenzo (FI)

and will help you in visiting Mugello.

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AT Mugello Experience

Mugello just a click away: the app that reveals the beauty of the place,
the tourist offer and the gastronomy in a portal.

What is the work behind the unparalleled smile of a person who welcomes you?

Welcoming starts with a smile, but in the 4.0 era can our communication be "smiling"? Hospitality 4.0. means the exchange of relationships, reciprocity, sharing and knowledge online and offline that builds customer loyalty and matches the growth of interest in a territory or a brand.

Hospitality like distinctive sign!

Even the most technological tourist is looking for the telling of true stories and the knowledge of the human side of the destination!


brand identity:  "MUGELLO"



Our quality hospitality is made of small gestures and realities that express the care of good living: this implicit natural "savoir faire" is at the same time the engine for the economic revival of the country. 

Valuing the territory, promoting sustainable tourism and a way of travelling that pays attention to detail, enjoying good food with simple recipes, practicing sports, enjoying relaxing walks in the woods and hills, breathing healthy air and observing nature, living well by taking care of body and soul.

Mugello is a wide territory located at the crossroads between Tuscany and Romagna, was already crossed by important roads in ancient times, such as the Via Flaminia Militare. The place name comes from the Liguri Magelli, its first inhabitants, followed by the Etruscans, the Romans and in the early Middle Ages the Ubaldini, powerful feudal lords who later suffered the expansionist aims of Florence, eager to control the roads to the north, for this purpose arose the Terre Nuove of Scarperia, Vicchio and Firenzuola. Since the late Middle Ages the territory has been inextricably linked to the history of the Commune and then the Signoria of the Medici, who originated here and then ruled the fate of Tuscany for three centuries, leaving traces of their patronage. It is a land of famous births, including Giotto and Beato Angelico. Today Mugello unites two geographical areas comprising eight municipalities. The valley floor framed by gentle hills, cultivated with arable crops as a harmonious mosaic, with Barberino di Mugello, Borgo S. Lorenzo, Dicomano, Scarperia and S. Piero and Vicchio; the Upper Mugello, with Firenzuola, Marradi and Palazzuolo sul Senio, covered on the ridges by the green tide of beech, chestnut and oak woods, among pristine forests that invite outdoor activities: hiking, rafting, mountain biking.

Mugello is a land to be discovered that offers nature, culture, good food and good living, local products, walks and breathtaking views, hiking and museums.

Every season Mugello offers overwhelming emotions, to be discovered through many sports activities, scenic excursions and cultural events.

Mugello is ideal for the classic Sunday trip out of town or for an authentic trip, it can offer many possibilities according to everyone's tastes... it is a place that will never tire you!


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