bar-alimentari-flli-rossi credit: GIornale di Barga

F.lli Rossi Bar & Grocery Store

The history of the local business called ‘Al Camberello’ is inextricably linked to that of the Rossi family, whose forefather, Giuseppe, started out as a street vendor in 1942, touring the streets of the towns and villages of the Garfagnana.

Subsequently, the Rossi family opened a grocery store in Barga in the ‘Camberello’ area and on Sundays you could find them in the centre of Barga with their stall during the weekly market. The business continued to grow and improve its services.

Today it is a traditional and characteristic bar and grocery store that aims to meet all the needs of their customers: from breakfast and lunches at the bar, to the sale of tobacco and lottery tickets, its excellent takeaway pizza and a well-stocked grocery store where you can find quality products and local specialities such as cold cuts, cheeses and meats.

Source: La guida di Barga

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