casa-museo-pascoli credit: Sara Moscardini

Pascoli House Museum

Giovanni Pascoli bought this house on Caprona hill, in the town of Castelvecchio, in 1895. He spent the most tranquil years of his life here until his death in 1912. The house museum, now a national monument, still retains the spaces and furniture left by the poet.

Surrounded by a charming landscape dominated in the distance by the Pania mountain, the house has an entrance on the square and a view over a vast garden at the back, an area bound by a wall that leads to the Church of San Niccolò whose bell tower can be seen from here.

The house, spread over three floors, still has the same layout and look it had when Pascoli lived there, thanks to the meticulous, almost devotional, respect for the house and its furniture to which his sister Maria dedicated her whole life.

Besides the house and the garden, the property also has a small private chapel that Pascoli and his sister Maria restored and where the poet was later buried after his death in 1912.

Source: La guida di Barga

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