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Palazzo Angeli

Built by the Angeli marquis, whose coat of arms is an Angel over an anvil, it is the birthplace of the famous 16th-century humanist Pietro degli Angeli (also known as Pietro Angeli Bargeo), on the corner of the building is the bust of Pietro Angeli by the sculptor Giovanni Topi (Orciatico 1836 - Pisa 1896), on which you can read (translated into English): "Pietro Angelio Bargeo - From the Citizens - XX September 1896".

Palazzo Angeli overlooks Piazza Angelio, the most beautiful square in Barga, which at first was called 'Ajaccia', then Piazza Santa Maria Novella when Barga was under Florentine rule, before becoming Piazza Angelio as it is now.

His maternal grandfather, Francesco called Ceccone Turignoli, was a captain of the Barga militia, and another ancestor was the Blessed Fr. Michele from Barga, born Lodovico Turignoli (Barga 1399 - Barga 1479).

Source: La guida di Barga

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