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Porta Mancianella (now Reale)

In ancient times it was a well-defended entrance with moat, drawbridge and ravelin. You can still admire the battlements and the characteristic tower, equipped with a trapdoor for throwing boiling oil and stones on besiegers.

There were three gates to enter the castle of Barga: Mancianella gate, Macchiaia gate and Borgo gate.

The Mancianella gate is also known as “Reale”. It was called Mancianella because it led towards the area of Manciana (today Piano di Coreglia). It was later called Reale (Royal) following the visit of Leopold I of Lorraine in 1787, an event which the consecrated it as the town's main entrance.

In 1894 the gate was restored and listed as a national monument.On the façade is the coat of arms of the city, while on the inside you can admire a terracotta depicting the Madonna and child with two angels.

Source: La guida di Barga

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