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Dei Differenti Theatre

In 1688 a literary academy was established by 20 of the most important families in Barga in order to teach the theatrical arts to young people; to this end, in 1689, a theatre was erected, the building was completed in one year and had three tiers of boxes.

This Academy was called the Indifferenti (which later became Differenti) and was honoured by the protection of Giovan Gastone, the seventh and last Grand Duke of Tuscany of the Medici family.

In 1792, the Academics decided to tear down the theatre, as they believed the old one to be too small, and build a new one, which opened in July 1795.

The poet Giovanni Pascoli was also a dedicated theatre-goer and in 1911, upon the request of a group of friends from Barga, the poet gave a speech at the Teatro dei Differenti exhaulting the Italian soldiers engaged in the Italo-Turkish war; the speech went down in history with the title “La grande proletaria si è mossa”.

In 1967, at the hands of the couple Gillian Armitage and Peter Hunt, Barga Opera was created, with the aim of promoting theatre courses and events. Currently the theatre is in a good state of repair and hosts performances of various kinds throughout the year.

Source: La guida di Barga

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