Welcome to Naples

The itineraries of Naples are lost between the narrow streets, between the sleepy Vesuvius and the steaming Campi Flegrei. Italy, in Naples, is a noisy mess of contradictions. Volcanic, voluptuous and full of desire to live, Naples exudes the irresistible charm of a city to which the extremes seem to delight a lot: dirty streets cross paths shaded by palm trees, Dilapidated facades hide Baroque halls and shrines and chapels flanking trendy premises. Sometimes it seems to be in dusty Tangier, sometimes in elegant Paris. Few European cities are so inspiring and intoxicating, and few are equally misunderstood. The guides of Naples anticipate all this, like a scent of an inviting dish, like a siren song. Not to be missed in Naples? Everything about this city you have to look, do, smell. Guaranteed.

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